Friday, July 3, 2009

Wyoming Here I Come!

Monday morning I was walking out of the house to join my friend Sara (also a genealogist) on a trip to eastern Nebraska.  We had a full schedule of cemetery visits ... and yes, I was excited to be visiting cemeteries!  My excitement was soon dashed when I stepped down the last step on my porch and felt something pop in my right knee.  

A few hours later my friend and my daughter brought me back from ER with instructions to elevate, ice and relax.  This morning I visited my regular physician.  She has given me complete approval to go to the Family History Expo in Sheridan, Wyoming.  Yeah!  I begin physical therapy on Monday and continue my routine of more rest (not fun ... I'm an active person).  The only plus side of resting is that I can get caught up with my genealogical periodicals and also use my laptop to stay in touch with the world. 

Girl #2 and I are looking forward to the Family History Expo.  There are only two short weeks to get ready for it.  We invite you to check out the list of presenters.  It will be two days of total learning and excitement!  

Ruby -- Girl #1 

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