Tuesday, July 7, 2009


As many of you may know, this Grandma has been visiting my son's family of 10 in Topeka and then they followed us home and have been at our house in Nebraska for the last week! They plan to head home on the 12th of July. We all made a trip to Cheyenne, Wyoming last week before the 3th of July to visit my other son and Grandma. Since returning to Alliance we have had even more relatives visiting. Busy and exhausted!

On the trip to Cheyenne, we also visited with an Aunt from Amboy, Washington who brought with her about 200 old family photos and documents. I brought those home to scan and copy with the promise of a fast return to her possession. These were a trove of pictures we did not have so I could not pass up the opportunity, even though I knew we would be extremely busy all week.

I had to try hard to squeeze in some time with our very busy schedule to work on the project. One of my six year old twin granddaughters wanted to help me scan and since I was short on time I was initially reluctant to draft her into service. I figured she would soon lose interest and go back to play with all the other kids. We sneaked away and shut ourselves in the office room and I showed her what to do. Everything just went great and she was a very good little helper.
Lunch time came and then she was rearing to get back to work. Four hours later, nearly 5 1/2 total hours , we had done it all! Miss Taylyn was an awesome little helper. I was so surprised and pleased at her job. She loaded the scanner just perfect from one pile and took them out into another each time. She studied every picture, asked about clothes, hair styles, fancy wicker studio chairs, and why those people never did smile? She wanted to know who they all were and about the man whose ears were two different sizes. One relative in particular she singled out and said" he looks like that President, the one with the big black hat and hair on his face, like Daddy". That had me baffled at first but when I said "you mean Abe Lincoln", she said "yea, that one". We compared and sure enough...what do you think? Do you see our two "Abes"?

Grandma is thrilled that one of the family has shown even a tiny interest in genealogy, finally. Taylyn lasted 5 1/2 hours helping, great for a six year old. My "BUDDING" GENEALOGIST! Now if she will only bloom to take up this Grandma's interest someday. (You Go Genealogy Girl #3, maybe?).

Family will soon be gone home and You Go Genealogy Girl #1 and myself, You Go Genealogy Girl #2 will be headed for Sheridan, Wyoming for the Family History Expo and SOME MUCH NEEDED REST !!!!!

Yo Go Genealogy Girl #2, Cheri

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  1. That is fabulous that you have an interested young helper. I believe in getting them hooked while they're young, but so far it hasn't worked on my two teenaged daughters.



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