Saturday, July 18, 2009

Another Day in a Genealogy Life

It's so rough.  We talked like teenagers until late last night about everything from ancestors to research techniques.  No ... not boyfriends!  The problem is that at our age we don't snap up in the morning as quickly as teenagers.  And, of course, there is no sleeping in when there's a full day of conference waiting us. 

We are heading in about 10 minutes to check out the lecture rooms.  Girl #2 is going to learn about hardware and software.  I am going to Germany.  Will learn from Baerbel Johnson how to avoid German mistakes.  She is a small lady who can't see over the podium, but full of an over-abundance of wisdom about German research.  

The Family History Expo has been a tremendous experience for us.  We have met so many interesting people who seem to eager to learn.  We are encouraging people to set up blogs, join Twitter and really get involved in social networking.  For many it is still a scary situation.  Maybe we can convince them that you all ... our readers ... don't bite.  

Ruby -- #1

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