Saturday, July 11, 2009

A week of packing, therapy and genealogy

The Family History Expo at Sheridan, Wyoming is almost here.  I asked my granddaughter to get my suitcase off the shelf in my walk-in closet.  She is almost 11 and did so, but not without rolling her eyes, grinning and saying, "Gran is off again."  When it comes to genealogy nothing slows me down.  Not even a bum knee.  

I've been doing physical therapy for the knee and may end up having an MRI when I get back from Wyoming.  I will do as much as I can for that knee ... there are too many cemeteries to explore, conferences to attend and libraries and courthouses to visit.  I'm out and about, but don't have the strength and confidence I need to leave the cane at home. 

My usual routine is to pack and repack.  I have started packing and by Wednesday morning when I leave to retrieve Girl #2 from the peace and quiet of her "finally" empty house, I will probably have repacked a couple of times.  By Wednesday her house should be almost empty, down to one granddaughter and perhaps #2's husband and the two dogs.  Well, almost peace and quiet!  

This week I have also been exploring GenealogyWise on Internet.  If you haven't been there, now is the time to visit, sign up and join in.  It's a new social network just for genealogists.  I joined on Wednesday and it has been fascinating to see it grow.  My granddaughter was here Wednesday afternoon and we explored the membership roster and groups.  By evening it had more than doubled in both and my granddaughter was saying, "Wow, Gran, look at that thing grow."  

You still have time to register for the Family History Expo and meet #1 and #2.  Check out their web page and also the list of exhibitors.  Hope to meet you there.  Remember ... we are the ones with the jelly beans and of course, I'll have the floral cane.  

Ruby -- Girl #1

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