Friday, July 17, 2009


The You Go Genealogy Girls made it through the first day of the FAMILY HISTORY EXPO conference in Sheridan, Wyoming. We had a great day! Our lectures were fun and informative and we made some new friends in the world of genealogy. We love to connect with others and learn what others are doing that is new in the field of research. Sheridan has been a neat town for us to visit.

Go Girl 1 was in the world of Scotland today while Girl 2 visited the Scandinavian lecture. We both have areas of research out of the US so it was fun and we picked up great new helpful tips. Both Arlene Eakle and Ruth Maness were good presenters and we enjoyed their offerings. A very nice luncheon was served at the conference and then we attended a couple other lectures. Tom Underhill even threw "chocolate kisses" to his audience. He did keep our attention while we learned about digital photography! In between the lecture schedule, Go Girl #1 kept busy blogging, tweeting, and making entries on Genealogy Wise. We (The You Go Genealogy Girls), are honored bloggers at the conference so we are also keeping updates going through out the day at the "blogger's bistro" that is set up here. It is new and fun! It was a busy day. Tomorrow we start with round two.

We had lots of compliments on our fancy new vests that Girl #2's daughter-in-law made for us, special for this occasion. She did a nice job on them and we really got noticed! Two old "Grannies" had an awesome day. Thanks Kim, for all the hard work and making us feel so special!

A fun day, new knowledge, nice compliments, and "chocolate kisses"--what more could we possibly want? The only thing better might be another new ancestor.

You Go Girl #2, Cheri

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