Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Dukes of Hazzard...and "Boss Hogg" too!

Not the HOGG lineage of Virginia, South Carolina and Texas!

Screaming down the road, bustin’ through the fences, flying over the hills…The General Lee is trying to save the court house treasures, and of course "Roscoe" and "Boss Hogg" are in full chase! 

There is nothing like a late night re-run to kick start two days of fun genealogy research. Do you remember the great old popular television series: The Dukes of Hazzard? I am sure most of you do and who could forget all those lovable characters? My now adult sons were crazy about “Dukes” and of course the “General Lee”. We owned all the associated toys and never missed an episode some 30 plus years ago but little did I know that as I was channel surfing a couple evenings ago in the late hours of the night time that the old re-run of the kid’s favorite program would draw me into my next fun genealogy search.

The “Duke boys” and “Boss Hogg” were at it again and after all these past years, they were still adversaries. “Boss Hogg”—well, the old guy who I had not thought about for years,  got me to thinking that HOGG is an old name in my husband’s lineage that I have all but ignored. Somehow the names of Hogg, Horsey, Buck and Bull have seemed to be happy living in the file cabinet and back pages of my books. Good old “Boss Hogg”, he was just begging me the other night to go ancestor hunting for our HOGG relatives and ancestors and I was sure that my family would just love to claim him as their very own relative! I have been very busy finding names, war records, marriages and even following all these new found ancestors as they traveled south out of Virginia. I thought for sure they would end up in good ol’ Hazzard County, Georgia with “Boss Hogg” standing at the county line to greet them.

Not so, however, as our HOGG families made the journey from old Virginny to South Carolina and some then went on to Texas. Hubby can be proud of his HOGG ancestors as all of his direct line men served in the military in one capacity or another. Starting with Lewis Hogg in the early 1700’s who served in the French and Indian Wars, others in the Revolutionary War and later generations who served in the Civil War. Many of the HOGG men attained officer status and his cousin ties lead to James Stephen Hogg who was the nineteenth Governor of Texas.

Poor old “Boss Hogg” just doesn’t seem to fit into our family tree so for now he will just have to keep his residence in Hazzard County late night TV land being ornery and deceiving but he should be proud and happy that at least some who have managed to elevate the proud HOGG name have now found a new home.

You Go Genealogy Girl #2--Cheri  (Why am I always number 2?)

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  1. I was such a DoH junkie as a kid! Never missed an episode, had the car, played car chase with my cousins, but held on to my girlness when I tried to dress like Daisy Duke....there's a family snapshot I hope doesn't make it to the next generation....without context that could be bad! But your post reminded me of Hazard KY. Courthouses being as they are in Eastern KY, if Boss Hogg had ever figured out that his courthouse documents were valuable to genealogists, that would have been his next scam...."I'm tellin you Rosco, we could make a fortune (long u accentuated) off those old records collecting dust!" But then, they never wrote that episode because that would have been the end of Boss Hogg - no match for genealogists!



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