Friday, June 25, 2010

A Learning Experience

Why attend a conference? Do you know everything you need to know? Doubt it. Even after years and years (telling my age?) I am learning. If I learn one thing from a speaker, it is a great experience. I always learn more than one thing!

You can also learn from other people. Maybe their ancestral path has crossed with yours. Or maybe they have used a certain state or county repository and can give you how-to tips. Just speaking my language ... GENEALOGY ... is worth the time and expense of attending a genealogical conference.

In my book the Family History Expos are the best! They aren't too big or too small. You get to know people who will smile and say hi in the halls. Then there is the opportunity to be stopped by someone you corresponded with 20-30 years ago. Yes, that happened to me this morning! What a great surprise. Wonder if our ancestors had anything to do with that!

YGGG #1 - Ruby (Hi, Cheri, you don't know what you are missing!)

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