Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tired Genealogists

We are two tired genealogists. Either our age is showing or else we are going too fast at our research.

This afternoon YGGG#2 got sea-sick at the film reader and YGGG #1's knee began hurting. So, we helped each other out of the library and to the Plaza next door to our room. Once inside the room, we groaned, moaned and felt sorry for each other for about 45 minutes and then headed back to the library for more grueling challenges.

It has been interesting to see people coming into the library as first time users. I can't help but think that the recent TV series Who Do You Think You Are? has spurred some to want to discover their ancestry. As I watched some of them look in awe at the rows of file cabinets of microfilm or at the stacks of books, I wondered if they felt deceived by the program. It doesn't happen in one hour, or even one week or one year. It is an on-going process to locate ancestral information. And, sometimes you never do locate it. That's the sad part, but ooooh it's fun trying.

We are extremely tired this evening so it's time to shower and hit the bed. Tomorrow is another day! Stay tuned for more of our thoughts and happenings.

YGGG #1 -- Ruby

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