Friday, June 25, 2010

Are we there yet?

I'm definitely in the right place. Driving to Loveland, CO yesterday I was like a little kid saying "Are we there yet?" Finally I arrived. It was a fun drive even though YGGG #2 was not with me. I think Lil' Red heaved a sigh of relief that all of #2's luggage was not on board!

Rubbing elbows with other genealogists is so much fun. Beau Sharbrough had a very interesting, humorous and yet meaningful opening address this morning. Did you ever stop and think about why you are doing genealogical research? If you have been it at as many years as I have, it's never time to quit. You will never have all the answers. But you keep trying. Beau reminded us that we are story tellers. Sometimes people don't want to hear our stories, but we keep telling them. I have found that young grandchildren are great sounding boards for hearing family history tales.

The Loveland CO Family History Expo is definitely the place to be. I am at the right place.

YGGG #1 - Ruby

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