Saturday, June 26, 2010


The Family History Expo Colorado has books and books and more books. The vendor room is fantastic! Genealogists collect books. Do we get around to reading them? Hope you do. I am going home with a few new ones.

Walking past the vending booth I spotted "Crash Course in Family History" Fourth Edition. Now who needs that if you are already doing genealogy? However, Paul Larsen has indeed written a very different book that will appeal not only to the beginning genealogist but to others who want to reference it for web pages, quotes and books.

Step One of the Crash Course is Identify Your Ancestors Using Family History. With a lot of colorful thumbnail pictures, quotes, web pages and sage advise, Larsen leads anybody interested in genealogy on the right path to identifying those ancestors.

Step Two is Add New Branches to Your Family Tree Using the Internet. Think you know everything about the Internet? I even picked up a few web pages that were unknowns to me when I browsed that section.

Step Three is Connect with the Lives and Stories of Your Ancestors. Do you appreciate your heritage or are you ashamed of it? Do you honor your ancestors or shut them up in the closet and throw the key away? Larsen takes you through timelines, applying history, plus a lot more.

I would highly recommend the book to beginners, even young adults and older children getting started on their ancestral quest. It would also make a great addition to a genealogical library. Consider it also for a nice door prize for a genealogy event of your local genealogical or historical society. Check it out!

YGGG #1 Ruby (still havin' fun in Loveland!)


  1. Hi Ruby,
    Met you yesterday at the Expo. Thanks for taking the time to talk with a couple of newbies. Judy and I will be visiting a Family Center soon - as soon as our brains recover from all the info we absorbed over those 2 days.
    Bev Hart

  2. You are such a delight, Ruby. I'm thrilled that I was able to meet you. Your Expo posts are so good...I'm going to review this book in my next post, but maybe not tonight. I love the book and am so happy to have it in my genealogy library. As for actually getting it read, you bet. This one will be read and underlined and highlited and shared too!



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