Saturday, June 5, 2010

Boo-Hoo Last Day

This is our last day at the Family History Library. Not forever, but for this trip in 2010. While we are tired to the bone, we still are enthused about our research. We will miss not being able to walk into a library and find film, fiche and books that may solve our genealogy problems.

We have met some nice people, both patrons and volunteers. After two weeks they know us and we know them. Then they will make friends with other people who frequent the library. One exciting thing was when I heard a genealogist on the elevator. Instantly I knew her southern accent and asked where she lived ... Arlington, Virginia. Nope, I was wrong and then she explained she grew up in northeast Tennessee. I was right on the mark and we discovered family connections.

Looking at my stash of copies, let alone hand written notes and saved files on the computer, I will be until Christmas getting everything sorted and properly entered. It will actually be like Christmas opening the boxes of papers I am taking home.

The next challenge will be repacking to attend the Family History Expo in Loveland, CO in a few weeks. Maybe I should not unpack!

YYGG #1 -- Ruby

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  1. Cindy Z-AllianceJune 7, 2010 at 8:16 PM

    envy you girls having spent 2 weeks at the FHL! love your magnet designs! I'm sure they really did liven up those long isles of tan drawers! I was there doing all that you just did last Sept with 3 friends...such a high! Love temple sq and the lovely flowers! safe travels!



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