Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Driver and the Map Reader

We have this worked out.  You Go Girl #1 (that's me) is the driver and You Go Girl #2 is the map reader and jelly bean dispenser.  

Before we take off on a trip we have our maps in order.  It's a bit crowded in the little red car, but You Go Girl #2 juggles the maps and the beans.  She tells me where to exit and which way to turn and reminds me if I'm going too fast.  Ahead of time we have maps printed off from Google Maps which show locations of specific points of interest.  For the genealogist those are cemeteries, courthouses, libraries and houses of relatives we visit.  She juggles those maps plus the atlas and the beans!  

As you can imagine, sometimes the beans end up scattered on the floor of the car, particularly if I turn too fast or hit the brakes.  Even so, we usually have a sugar high by the time we reach our destination, but we do get there with the expert map reading of You Go Girl #2.  

It will soon be jelly bean time again, so stay tuned for our next adventure! 

You Go Girl #1 - Ruby 

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Well Planned Gone Wrong

What You Go Girl #2 didn't tell you about the Nebraska State Historical Society visit in May of 2008 was that we had to abort our original plans of doing research all day. We lasted until noon. The library-research room was unbearably hot. There is nothing worse that two energetic genealogists falling asleep on the job! In the transition between winter and spring, their AC was apparently not working.

This happens and then you have to punt or have a back-up plan in place. Fortunately we had other things to do, but it did cut our time short at the Nebraska State Historical Society building.

These things happen. I have gone to a courthouse that was unexpectedly closed because everybody employed there was attending a famous local's funeral service. Of course, these instances usually involve the small town courthouses. Even so, these instances change the schedule completely. In this case I read the sign on the door and waited it out at the town clerk's office until they opened after the services. Apparently the town clerk decided not to attend the services! Some small courthouses close all offices over lunch break. If you are there, you leave also ... or if you arrive shortly before lunch, your research just begins when you have to leave.

While it pays to have that back up plan in mind, it also pays to laugh and chalk it up to a great learning experience. The two of us laugh at a lot of things ... we'll tell you more about those instances as we go along. You Go Girl #2 snapped this picture of me last May hugging a tree ... perhaps a family tree!

You Go Girl #1, Ruby

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


In the spring of 2008, The You Go Genealogy Girls packed the little red car and headed for Lincoln, Nebraska for the Nebraska State Genealogical Society meeting. Our other goal while in the capital city of Lincoln was to visit the NEBRASKA STATE HISTORICAL SOCIETY to do some research. I was to have a lesson in how to use the research library from You Go Girl #1. It was great fun and the library staff was friendly and helpful. Sister-in-law, #1, showed me how to find and use the microfilm files and readers and then I was on to check out the photo section. The Historical Society houses many great old cabinet cards and photos of people and places in Nebraska. I put on the clean white gloves and looked through the many boxes of photos from my home county of Box Butte. There were many treasures to have copied and added to my personal collection.

Our wonderful Historical Society Library/Archives Research Room is closed at this time (2009) to undergo a major renovation, but the You Go Genealogy Girls are looking forward to another trip to this facility when it re-opens to the public in late 2010.

Now would be a great time to go online and spend some time on the Society's website. Get to know the facility and study their catalog to see what they offer for your genealogy/history research. They have a lot of great information online, enough to keep you busy on a snowy, spring day. If you can't wait to travel and want to start your trip today, then consider a virtual tour of some of the Nebraska Historical Societies network of historical facilities:

Chimney Rock National Historic Site
The Historic Fort Robinson museums
John G. Neihardt State Historic Site
Museum of Nebraska History
Willa Cather State Historic Site
Pres. Gerald R. Ford Conservation Center
or the Neligh Mill State Historic Site, just to name a few.

Whether you live in or outside of the state of Nebraska be sure to visit the NEBRASKA STATE HISTORICAL SOCIETY website. Use it to help plan your next genealogical/historical trip to Nebraska.

The You Go Genealogy Girl #2, Cheri

Monday, March 23, 2009


Hello! I am sometimes called The Go Girl #1. That's because I'm the oldest and I like to think the wisest. I've been doing genealogical research for more years than I really like to admit. My late husband was very supportive of my interest in genealogy, but I always dreamed of having a genealogy companion who was as passionate about it as I am and who could travel with me. That someone is my sister-in-law, better known as The Go Girl #2. We really are not "girls" anymore, but "grannies". As long as we can, we prefer to be known as girls. My daughter, who blogs at Growing Up Genealogy, is the one who decided we are really Grannies and she likes to write of our escapades as well as her wonderful genealogy related memories.

Cheri, my sister-in-law, and I live over two hundred miles from each other, so communication is by e-mail and telephone. We plan our genealogy outings and trips that way and then make them happen. The little red car from our logo is mine. Go Girl #2 packs it, cramming everything possible into it. After all, we would not want to get somewhere and be without a thing! I think most of it is her "stuff". I have learned to economize because of the air traveling that I do. We have yet to pull a trailer behind or add a roof rack, but give us time. The trunk and back seat is always full.

It will be full to the brim again when I travel to the panhandle of Nebraska to attend the Nebraska State Genealogical Society conference in Scottsbluff the first weekend in May. I'll meet up with Go Girl #2 in Alliance and head to the conference together. Ten days later I return again to Alliance and we will travel to Cheyenne, Wyoming to do research and then go on to Salt Lake City for a week of research. The little red car will be dragging by the time we journey back home the end of May. This is just the beginning of our spring and summer jaunts. We'll keep you posted about new things we discover, where we are doing our research and how much fun we're having doing it.

You Go Genealogy Girl #1, Ruby

Hello again.....This is from Go Girl #2. This will indeed be a busy season for The You Go Genealogy Girls. I was always working full time and during the time that Ruby and I were both younger and busy with families, we could not just take off and go when we wanted. Although circumstances have not always been pleasant that have brought us to this point in life, we are thankful for this time together and it has been great fun for us both so far.

Go Girl #1 has been teacher, companion, driver and even at times the comic relief of the trip. We are both as different as night and day but we have a great time together wherever we go. If we could just get our days and nights in sinc, then we would have it made. I am a night owl and like to read and compute late, she is a morning person, but our mutual love of jelly beans and unraveling a good family mystery keeps us going all hours. We missed a lot of years of not being able to pursue our interests so it is great fun to get out and explore. Explore we do-- museums, cemeteries, libraries, court houses,antique shops, more cemeteries, and even an occassional good eating establishment in order to keep our strength for all that brain work. We have even been known to stop and visit our" living"relatives for short periods of time!

Our children are raised so we are almost as free as birds. Join us in our adventures if you like genealogy, history, or a good laugh now and then. Pour a cup of coffee or tea and relax with us for some fun, some researching tips, and unusual insight into the world of Genealogy.

You Go Genealogy Girl #2, Cheri

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Under new construction--please check back for exciting Genealogy news and travels of "THE YOU GO GENEALOGY GIRLS", Grannies on the go!

Presented by Ruby Coleman and Cheri Hopkins, the traveling sisters-in-law.


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