Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Driver and the Map Reader

We have this worked out.  You Go Girl #1 (that's me) is the driver and You Go Girl #2 is the map reader and jelly bean dispenser.  

Before we take off on a trip we have our maps in order.  It's a bit crowded in the little red car, but You Go Girl #2 juggles the maps and the beans.  She tells me where to exit and which way to turn and reminds me if I'm going too fast.  Ahead of time we have maps printed off from Google Maps which show locations of specific points of interest.  For the genealogist those are cemeteries, courthouses, libraries and houses of relatives we visit.  She juggles those maps plus the atlas and the beans!  

As you can imagine, sometimes the beans end up scattered on the floor of the car, particularly if I turn too fast or hit the brakes.  Even so, we usually have a sugar high by the time we reach our destination, but we do get there with the expert map reading of You Go Girl #2.  

It will soon be jelly bean time again, so stay tuned for our next adventure! 

You Go Girl #1 - Ruby 

1 comment:

  1. Can I come - can I come too - can I!
    You girls sound like such great fun.
    Evelyn in Montreal



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