Thursday, March 26, 2009

Well Planned Gone Wrong

What You Go Girl #2 didn't tell you about the Nebraska State Historical Society visit in May of 2008 was that we had to abort our original plans of doing research all day. We lasted until noon. The library-research room was unbearably hot. There is nothing worse that two energetic genealogists falling asleep on the job! In the transition between winter and spring, their AC was apparently not working.

This happens and then you have to punt or have a back-up plan in place. Fortunately we had other things to do, but it did cut our time short at the Nebraska State Historical Society building.

These things happen. I have gone to a courthouse that was unexpectedly closed because everybody employed there was attending a famous local's funeral service. Of course, these instances usually involve the small town courthouses. Even so, these instances change the schedule completely. In this case I read the sign on the door and waited it out at the town clerk's office until they opened after the services. Apparently the town clerk decided not to attend the services! Some small courthouses close all offices over lunch break. If you are there, you leave also ... or if you arrive shortly before lunch, your research just begins when you have to leave.

While it pays to have that back up plan in mind, it also pays to laugh and chalk it up to a great learning experience. The two of us laugh at a lot of things ... we'll tell you more about those instances as we go along. You Go Girl #2 snapped this picture of me last May hugging a tree ... perhaps a family tree!

You Go Girl #1, Ruby

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