Thursday, October 11, 2012

Genealogy Bucket List

While You Go Genealogy Girl #2 is home harvesting and freezing veggies, I will be arriving in Salt Lake City tomorrow morning.  I will also be harvesting ... genealogy "finds."  My arrival is a couple days before the arrival of my group, Nebraska Genealogy Tours.  What a fun week we have in store!

Many times I hear people say they wish they could make more time for research trips, but life gets in the way.  Sometimes it is family commitments, health issues, jobs and lack of funds.  It would be nice if we could all have unlimited time and funds to do nothing but genealogical research.  The Family History Library is where you can do extensive research in one place.  It isn't that one trip does it all, but there are enough records there to satisfy many of your research needs.

In September, while working in the genealogy section of my local library, I assisted two out of town couples who were there hoping to locate ancestral information.  None were retired ... close, but not retired.  They had both been traveling all around the United States collecting information and seeing where their ancestors had lived.  These were not "a few days" trips.  Both couples told me that this was on their bucket list.  How nice they were getting to enjoy that list before it was too late.  Life might get in the way, but it can also run you down when you least expect it.  I can only imagine the stories they had to tell their children and siblings when they arrived back home.

What's on your bucket list?

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