Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why Learn?

Genealogy is a learning game. You will never know everything you need to know. Basics are important, but as your research progresses, so must your knowledge. This can be geography, history, law and more.

If you don't know legal terms, look them up. There's great places to check on Internet, or you can always refer to Black's Law Dictionary found in many libraries. Don't know the history of states or counties. There's plenty to find on Internet or in books such as the Redbook, American State, County and Town Sources, published by Ancestry. This too can be found in many libraries that have genealogical collections. If you already own it, read it! One of my favorite places for maps is The Newberry Library's Atlas of Historical County Boundaries.

Do you want to travel, do genealogical research and learn all at the same time? Want to meet genealogists, make new friends and converse with the experts? Plan on attending a Family History Expo in 2010.

I am leaving tomorrow for the Colorado Family History Expo in Loveland, CO. Check this blog often as I will be an Honor Blogger. I'm pleased to report to you about the latest happenings at the Expo. There will be well known speakers and popular vendors, such as Family Insight,, RootsMagic, Legacy Family Tree, and Family Roots Publishing. If you are attending the Loveland Expo, be sure to stop by and say hi ... I will share my jelly beans!

YGGG #2 - Cheri is vacationing with Go Hubby. She is reading genealogy files while they camp and also making plans to attend the Family History Expo in Kansas City next month. We are going to be so well educated. We are also making genealogy memories in 2010.

YGGG #1 - Ruby


  1. Ruby - I'll be heading down to Kansas City for the Midwest expo. Hope I can meet up with Cheri while there! Susan

  2. I'll tell Cheri that you'll be there. Hope you can meet her.
    Ruby - YGGG #1

  3. How do we find out if there is a Family History Expo in our area? Thanks, Susie

  4. In my blog click on Family History Expos and you'll go to their home page. Then click on expos. You'll see what's happening. This year the Expos are going east which is great if you live further east of Colorado! Hope you can find one to attend. Ruby YGGG #1



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