Tuesday, July 21, 2009


The wrap up and final day of the FAMILY HISTORY EXPO in Sheridan Wyoming was great fun. Both of us girls had a wonderful time and learned a lot of new good research tips and methods. From England to Scotland to Sweden, we took it all in and often wished we were really there-- in country to get our hands on the real thing! Alas, we are stuck in the west of the US, at least for now- but we never give up on finding those elusive ancestors. We are now armed with more and better tactical approaches to finding the records we need. Holly Hanson and all her group did a wonderful job with the Expo planning. As we could see, it went off flawlessly. The lectures and meals were are done on time and organized expertly! Many vendors had their wares, books etc displayed so of course we came home with great new books and CD's to study. Prizes were a daily event with drawings and both of us lucky You Go Genealogy Girls gleaned a couple of nice items to bring home. Overall the conference was awesome. New friends, good food, great lectures and fun. What more could two old "Grannies" from Nebraska want? Thanks to Holly and the girls, we loved it!!!! If you can possibly take in one of the Family History Expo's in your area, they are more than worth the time and effort- you will be glad you did.

Bet you are wondering who "Mickey" is? He is the unexpected find that we made on our trip home from Sheridan. Our travel plans had included some side travels on the way home in order to visit some cemeteries where we had family. What genealogist would make a travel itinerary and not find at least one cemetery to visit? Heaven forbid! We found three on the way home to Nebraska. Girl #1 had a brother buried in Gillette, Wyoming so that was our first stop. It is a beautiful cemetery on quite a rolling hill layout. We found her brother's grave which she had never been to before and of course we took pictures. Over to the right a few feet was one of the most unusual stones we have ever seen (Go Girl #1 has walked cemeteries in nearly every state over many years and this one surprised even her). There was "MICKEY MOUSE", in all his glory! A very interesting and beautiful tombstone right in the middle of the Gillette cemetery. Of course we took more photos and then set off towards home. We didn't even get to the front gate and Girl #1 said " I think Great Grandpa Willis Gardner's brother is buried here too." Not a cemetery listing in site and Sunday, there was no person at the caretakers house. We pulled out her laptop and sure enough she had the lots and plots listed for "Uncle Billy" so back on the hunt we went. To our amazement, there was "Uncle Billy" Gardner and his family nearly right next to " Mickey Mouse"--we had been so engrossed with him that we had not even noticed our ancestors' graves. More pictures for posterity. It was a good day!

Two more stops, two more cemeteries, Custer and Edgemont, South Dakota. Here we visited the father and sister of Go Girl #1 at their final resting places. A beautiful deer greeted us in the gorgeous and peaceful cemetery at Custer. New flowers were added to the sites and once again we headed towards home.

Any genealogical outing is good but this one proved to be a great success and was really fun. When do we get to go again? Hopefully very soon. Our heads are spinning already with plans. Those ancestors are waiting...........

You Go Geneaolgy Girl #2, Cheri

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