Friday, July 17, 2009

The Girls Blog in Wyoming

We have just attended the opening speech of the Family History Expo in Sheridan, WY.  Barry Ewell had a great opening lecture.  He was serious, funny and informative.  Some of his key points were: 

Ancestors want to be found.  (I might add you are lost not them!)
Every individual leaves a trail.  (I might add some are more fragrant than others!) 
Preparation saves time.  (I need all the time I can get!) 

One thing I learned from Barry is that genealogy is a travel experience.  Whether you physically go to a repository or are at your computer and on Internet, you are traveling with your ancestors.  You need to learn about every where they lived and the records created.  

We will keep you posted about more of our learning experiences and our brilliant comments that add to the experience.  

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