Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Watch Out Wyoming--Here We come!

The You Go Genealogy Girls are on the road again. We leave bright and early on Wednesday for Sheridan, Wyoming for the Family History Expo which will be held at the Holiday Inn Convention Center on July 17 and 18th. We are both so very excited! What a great chance to attend lectures and exercise our brains. We will also be lucky recipients of an award for our blog: The You Go Genealogy Girls.

The past 3 weeks have been extremely busy and even frustrating for us both so we are looking forward to a well deserved mini vacation "together". We need it just to get rested up from all the commotions of late.We will enjoy relaxation, fun and good friends. Go Girl #1 stepped off her porch a couple weeks ago and had a knee go out, she has been in therapy ever since. She missed the day long cemetery tour she was heading out for that day-- what a bummer! Go Girl #2 has had a house full of company for two weeks, has had a back sciatic problem flaring up and broke a back tooth in two and can't get in a dentist. All in all, we are just two old Grannies who are a mess. Never fear however, we will travel to get to the conference, even if it means by "cane"! Number 2 has her fancy new walking cane, I have my old curved wooden cane for emergency and my tubes of anbesol for the tooth ache. Sure hope we don't have a bad hair day while there!

Girl 1 came to Alliance today so that we could get an early start through Wyoming tomorrow. We spent some time today exploring the new uses for Twitter, Facebook, and the awesome new Genealogy Wise social site for Genealogists. This will really be grand as it grows and grows. We worked at getting connected to groups we have an interest in and looking around the site. It is fun as you can watch the interaction of the members growing by the minute. This looks to be a great new site for Genealogists. The You Go Girls are turning into real "social butterflies". (more like "social moths", I think) Oh well, we definitely like to be connected! If you have not looked at Genealogy Wise, be sure to check it out soon.

Our trip to and from Sheridan will include some family research too. What genealogist would travel and not take in an important site or cemetery? On the way back home we will visit family graves in Gillette, Wyoming; Edgemont, SD; and Custer, SD. This will provide a short beautiful ride through the Black Hills of South Dakota on the way home.

By the way, my brother Bill, and bother-in-law- to Go Girl #1 stopped for a visit today to wish us well on our trip. He was so kind and offered the use of a folding wheel chair for us to take along! Don't know who would be pushing and who would ride as we both think we deserve to ride so we respectfully declined THAT offer!

Watch for us in Wyoming starting today. We are the grannies with the sporty little red car and two very nice looking "canes". We will be filling up on jellybeans and pop while traveling North through Wyoming on Interstate 25 so "Watch Out Wyoming", the Genealogy Grannies are on the loose again!

Go Girl #2, Cheri

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