Tuesday, May 26, 2009


THE LAST LEG OF THE JOURNEY was really an appropriate end to a great trip to Salt Lake City to find and get to know our ancestors better. What an awesome trip the You Go Girls had! We were both lucky in that we found lots of great information which we now must find time to study and analyze before we enter it all into our Genealogy programs. I brought home a 7 inch stack of printed stuff and the Go Girl #1 had way over a foot tall stack of stuff plus much more on her computer. She will get through hers more quickly than I will but I am anxious to get the time to sort it all out. We both made some very great discoveries that thrilled us besides all the other general info that we brought home. I am doubly lucky, as I was working on my husband's side of the family while Go Girl #1 worked on my side (her husband and my brother's family). I will reap the benefits of findings from both mine and hers. She has researched my family for nearly 50 years so I do not personally step into her territory! We were worn out to say the least but already have begun to plan out next trip to the Family History Library as well as some smaller jaunts to Cheyenne, WY and Topeka, KS to do some more "searching".

Sunday we headed back to Cheyenne on our return trip home to fill my Mother-in-law in on our exciting findings and then we came on home to Nebraska on Monday for Memorial Day. Before we left on our trip we had done a lot of our cemetery work here in Alliance, Ne where most of our immediate family is buried. When we got back to Alliance on Monday, we greeted my dogs, said hello to my husband and then headed right out to the cemetery. It was an absolutely gorgeous day at our local cemetery and things were beautifully green as it had rained quite alot while we were gone out of town. We visited the graves of Go Girl's husband and my brother, also those of Great Grandparents, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, cousins and other dear family. We had started our journey last week with a stop at the Wheatland, Wyoming cemetery and ended the trip with our second visit to the Alliance, Nebraska cemetery to pay our respects.

Oh my, how many family members we did visit, explore, research and think about over the last week! Several hundred overall....from England, Sweden and all over the United States. We are so lucky to be the caretakers of our ancestors.

The YOU GO GIRLS (GRANNIES) will rest up a few days and then soon be on the go again. Join us here and on our personal blogs: THOSE OLD MEMORIES and GENEALOGY LINES for more stories of our trip and great new articles on our genealogy lives and memories.

You Go Girl #2--Cheri

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  1. Loved hearing about your adventures. Can you post the items you wish you had brought & the ones you should have left home? I am planning a trip in September & your blogs are a big help in getting ready for the trip.



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