Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Boy are we wore out tonight. Today was 8 am to 8 pm almost non-stop, but it was fun. We can hardly move tonight and You Go Girl is already in bed, she is older than me though so it is to be expected, he he ! It's hard to do the long days for two Grannies, but everybody in the library looks just as tired as us so we don't feel so bad.

We had to change shoes today to make it through the day, would have been great if we could have just gone bare footed but thought maybe we'd scare off all the other library patrons if we did with stinky feet! We got separated and lost our meeting time for supper, I was all over the library looking for Girl 1 and she went up when I went down, it only took 30 minutes to finally meet in the middle but we finally got together and at least had a meal tonight. We only tried to get in our Plaza room once with the library card instead of the room card- couldn't figure out why the room would not open. I think we need keepers!

I found lots of good Swedish information today and I am so excited about it. Twelve hours on the Swedish microfilm is hard on the eyes, but so exciting when the names "jump" out to greet you.
I want to find lots more but accomplished my one big main goal to find my husbands GG and GGG Grandparents in Swedish birth records. Go girl had a productive day also but declines to elaborate at this time as she is out for the night......

Leaving you with a beautiful pic of some of the Temple flowers here and one of a Swedish record from today.

Goodnight from Salt Lake City, Utah: You Go Genealogy Girl #2-Cheri

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