Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Girls' Day Three

Our feet have been tortured from standing and walking between stacks of film and books.  Our backs feel like we have laid on bricks.  Our brains are mush.  Ah ... the life of a genealogist in Salt Lake City!  It's worth every minute of it and once home we'll be wanting to return.  

Girl #2 has been working on Horsey and Hogg surnames in South Carolina.  I think she grew so weary that she started looking for Chickens.  Today I was able to narrow the date of death for my great, great grandfather.  And a whole lot more.  

While the volunteers and missionaries in the library are very helpful, if you can't locate something or an answer, it is wise to keep asking.  I had to ask several people on two floors for assistance in locating a book which turned out to be in high density which is basically in overflow storage.  It was finally retrieved for me. 

We are thinking about making a list of what we didn't bring that we should have brought and what we brought that we didn't need to bring.  Next time, we'll refer to the list and be all set for another library trip.  

Girl #2 is now lamenting that we only have three days of research left.  Could we endure another week?  I'm not sure.  I am sure though that our ancestors will still be waiting for us when we return!  

You Go Genealogy Girl #1 -- Ruby


  1. This isn't a comment about the post, but your car picture at the top...don't you need a tree of some sort strapped to the hood 'Christmas Vacation' style? And what're you doin' litterin' books out the wind'er?

    Signed: Vacationing in NP *sigh*

  2. Hi sigh in NP. Sorry you aren't here with us. A tree would be good. We usually go back and pick up our books that fly out the wind'er. We don't litter. :-) We collect!!!

    YOU GO Girl #1



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