Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day Four -- the Girls in the Library

We have completed day four of hard work in the library.  It is amazing how enthused we are at 8 a.m. and by 8:30 at night we are dragging, and more than our computer bags on wheels.  

You Go Girl #2 spent the day in books.  She found some things of interest and some not.  You Go Girl #1 also spent the day in books, making a great discovery in Indiana Civil War records. It was so great that I almost cried!  I have been looking for the information which began as a family story for at least 30 plus years.  That makes the trip worthwhile!  The photograph with this blog is of You Go Girl #2 hard at work on Floor 3 of the library. 

Tonight we took a break and rode TRAX (train) a few blocks to the Market Center which is an indoor-outdoor shopping complex.  It was fun watching children run through the fountain area. We were almost envious.  

Tomorrow I am going to the United Kingdom and You Go Girl #2 will eventually get to Sweden.  We are taking a first class elevator.  

You Go Genealogy Girl #1 --- Ruby

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  1. Although I'm envious, I'm also having vicarious fun reading about your trip. Hope you have many more great discoveries!



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