Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Li'l Red Goes To The Cemetery

Today Li'l Red and I went to the Greenwood Cemetery in York, Nebraska.  It is over two hours one way from where I live.  My parents, grandparents and a lot of other relatives are buried there.  Because I will be traveling for several weeks, this was my only opportunity to decorate the graves.  

It was a lovely day for a drive.  The sun was out with only a few clouds and little to no wind.  Is this Nebraska? 

The cemetery is well kept, with an office on the grounds.  In fact some of the employees were mowing and doing maintenance.  There are a lot of trees and shrubs on the grounds.  

I parked Li'l Red and then began decorating the graves.  As I turned to walk back, I noticed a tree behind Li'l Red and it had something blue on it.  I was shocked.  The message was nothing that I expected.  The serenity of the cemetery was suddenly interrupted. 

Every few trees, there was a blue signed tacked on them.  They are firmly tacked so nobody removes them or the Nebraska wind doesn't blow them off to Kansas.  The message reveals the cost of cemetery lots, the cost of grave openings and cremation openings.  This is followed by a message that the cemetery is not tax supported so donations are appreciated and tax deductible.  Excuse me ... I believe we paid for perpetual care!  

Tacked and tacky!  Find another way to advertise the cemetery, such as a sign tacked to the cemetery office.  I would rather see directions to various sections of the cemetery tacked to the trees ... save the advertising for somewhere else.  Better yet ... save the trees and don't tack anything to them!  

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  1. I love that you call your car Li'l Red. It reminds me of my little red '89 Honda - those little cars are great for narrow cemetery roads!



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