Thursday, April 23, 2009


Should genealogy and housework co-exist? This is not for me to answer but you may be better informed by the end of this article. Working on my genealogy and researching are the most important things for me but that pesky housework keeps rearing its ugly face. A few days ago, I got a great email that was the surprise answer to both of my dilemmas. Research or clean? Usually these silly emails just come and go but this one made me laugh and was so great that I had to pass it along.

All of us who love our genealogy just wish we had more time to spend on it. We all tend to feel guilty when we pursue the fun things in our life and end up letting everything else around us seemingly "go to pot".

As I have gotten older, the cooking and chores don't get done as often but I don't care as much either!

Dog hair on the sofa stays put longer but it just makes it look like we got some new "chic"

The kids can't come home very often to visit, so I don't work to the bones cleaning before the onslaught of the family of ten!

Company only comes occasionally and usually unexpectedly so they should not expect great food and clean bedding!

Hubby and I have not eaten a meal at our dining table for 3 weeks now. I am sorting papers and getting my research notebook in order on the top of it. The YGGG #1 and I will soon be on the road again, heading to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. The table has become my second "office". The first one is full up and piled high!

Great home cooked meals have been few and far in between. Carry out and TV dinners are pretty tasty these days! We have been eating our meals on old metal TV trays that belonged to my parents in the 1950's and 60's. Does anybody else remember those great little "trays"? Incidentally, they make great extra tables by your chair to hold even more books and papers.

I figure we can always turn the under ware inside out and get another day if the wash gets too far behind!

Compute, write, read and research - these are the words to live by.

I hope you did not think that I got off subject and forgot about that awesome little email I got. A good friend sent "MAXINE" to me and completely made my day. This has to be one of the cutest and most useful tips I have seen.

You never have to feel guilty again because you spent more time looking for those elusive ancestors than you did doing your chores, cooking, or cleaning the garage. Now you can go right ahead and enjoy being a Genea-Bum. "MAXINE" would surely agree that life should only be fun! Be sure to read her cartoon in this post and then run out and get a few gorgeous "get well" cards for yourself.

Wishing you happy and guilt free Genealogy play time, and I almost forgot: " GET WELL " soon...

P.S. I look more like "MAXINE" every day and because my house is less than pristine, I have to thank my own Geoffrey as he complains very little about my Genealogy paper messes and lack of homemade meals. I think those great little "get well" cards that I- RECEIVED- even have him fooled!

Thanks to Arthur for making me laugh with "MAXINE".


  1. This is soooo totally me! Too funny. Do y'all twitter? I didn't know if you did or not, but I tweeted this post [left a link] to share with everyone...

  2. Hilarious! Clean what you can, when you can, right!! I occasionally use a housekeeping service when I just have too much going on. Either way, life happens.



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