Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ear Muffs, Hoodies and Head Bands

The two of us had quite a time finding the Moore graves in the Big Springs Cemetery.  It's true that the wind was blowing and it was cold.  Wind in Nebraska in May is typical, but not the cold.  I had been in the cemetery a few years ago, and knew "exactly" where the Moore graves were located.  They were along the fence.  Find the fence and you'll find the tombstones.  Walk the fence and you'll find the tombstones.  

You Go Girl #2, Cheri, looked at me and said, "Right!  Look how long that fence is!"  So we walked the fence.  Girl #2 was wearing her hoodie and head band.  I kept telling her to tighten the hood.  She kept hollering that she should have brought her ear muffs.  Ear muffs in May?  And she wears furry, brown ear muffs!  As we would walk a few yards she would grumble that she'd have an ear ache because she didn't wear her ear muffs.  Thank goodness they were at home.

Eventually we decided to look at the map of the cemetery at the caretaker's building.  That's usually a good idea, particularly when there is a long fence.  Sure enough, we located the Moores and counted off the rows so we could locate their graves.  Walk, count, grumble about the ear muffs ... no graves for the Moores.  Back to the map, count it off again.  

Finally we located the caretaker who informed us that in order to use the map you have to turn sideways and stand on your head.  Going the opposite direction, we located their graves.  They were about three rows west of the fence.  That's how my memory works!  

The two of us are going to Salt Lake City in a month.  I suspect somewhere in all of her luggage she will have those furry, brown ear muffs ... just in case ... rain, wind, cold.  Might as well go prepared!  

Girl #1 .... Ruby 

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  1. That was hilarious! So well described that I felt I could have been there with you and inserted my comebacks as I read {like you could hear me}!
    Perhaps it's just us women. Sounds like something I would have done - "well, was the fence on your right side last time you were here or your left?" he would ask me. GRRRR! And then comes a "don't make me {something or other}" back at him!!!



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