Friday, April 24, 2009

Genealogy Humor

The other day Girl #2 said she had lost her humor.  I'm so glad that she found it again! 

In a few days I'm going to visit her, stay a few nights, dirty up the bathroom and come home covered with dog hair from her chic sofa.  But who cares!  We will do and talk non-stop genealogy.  

As for the bedroom (guest) and clean bedding ... I have always had clean bedding.  I think! However, a few months ago Girl #2 was visiting me when her hubby became mentally unbalanced for the day.  He decided that Girl #2 had her little cubby of genealogy goodies, computers, files, scanner and printers.  He wanted HIS cubby in the house.  Geoffrey dismantled "my" bed and carried it up three flights of stairs to the family room.  They have a split level house which means several twists and turns.  Was this a project to gain a cubby of his own?  Or was it an attack against Girl #1 and Girl #2?  

When Girl #2 returned home, there was the bed smack dab in the middle of the family room. And there it remains to this day.  That's right folks, I sleep in the family room.  Look on the bright side.  I have a fireplace and a television and should I decide to curl up in a chair and read, there's plenty of those.  And Geoffrey has his cubby.

Girl #2 is a good cook, when she cooks.  I know it's better than she gets here.  She is forced to eat popcorn, tuna casseroles and toast when she visits me.  Who has time for gourmet meals when genealogy is at the top of the list?  She keeps coming back, so I assume she enjoys the entertainment.  

I'm getting Li'l Red ready so I can go sleep in the family room and share the chic sofa with the dogs.  What fun!  

You Go Girl #1 ... Ruby  

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  1. Geoffrey, YGGG #2 hubbyApril 24, 2009 at 6:21 PM

    Well I never thought that YGGG's ( both ) include me in their blog. Yes I moved the bed when girl #2 was gone. You think I could have done it when she was home. Nope. I got into big trouble when she came home from girl #1 house. But the deed was done and I needed a safe room all of my own. Girl #2 calls it my hole. She still cooks and does the wash ( I am not allowed in the laundry room as the last time girl #1 was here I washed a new set of towels with a dark shirt and guess what? ) so I think maybe everythings ok now, maybe. One good thing about girl #1 coming to visit, the house gets cleaned and the hubby's do list is long, very long and when company is here I am told to keep my mouth shut. The food is worth the aggravation.



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