Saturday, January 1, 2011

Our Brand New Year ... 2011

Happy New Year Everybody!

The YGGGs have twelve months of research, traveling and fun ahead of us. With several inches of snow on the ground, we are communicating by e-mail and telephone. Eventually we will be able to get together and plan our research. January will be eventful for me. I am having the scope on my left knee in a few days. I'm trying to be optimistic that it will work and I'll be able to spend quality travel time in 2011. This month I will also become a great grandmother to a baby boy. I have been researching his mother's genealogy and discovered that his parents share 11th great grandparents.

We are planning our annual trip to Salt Lake City, arriving there on May 22nd and staying for two weeks. That means we have approximately four months to get our research notebooks prepared, update our files and decide how to best spend our time in the library. We feel that we get the best bang for our bucks by going there to do research, instead of ordering microfilm at a Family History Center. Of course, we no more get back home and want to go again.

In 1999 the web site was introduced. I can remember that it was continually busy. Logging in at times was next to impossible. Through the years it has become an old friend. In case you haven't noticed, when you type in in your web browser, things look different. You go directly to the new FamilySearch web site. It has a different look than the old one, but you can still get to the old one by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on "Go to the previous site." A good way to learn about the new web site is to watch the FamilySearch Bloginar Presentation of December 2010. It is about an hour long, but you can pause and take a break.

YGGG#2 and I don't particularly care for the library catalog on the new web site. It will take some time to adapt to it. However, when previewing books on it, you can immediately see what has been digitized. In the meantime, I go back and forth between the new and old. There are tutorials and links for questions and answers. I have plenty of questions.

We spend a good deal of time printing out items from the Family History Library Catalog and placing them in a research notebook. They are categorized by floors in the library and families. As my notebook is huge, I normally take out what I want each day and put it in a smaller notebook.

In early May we will seriously be thinking about packing clothes, computer items and food. YGGG #2 has informed me I need to take two smaller suitcases instead of the one big suitcase. Better add that to my list right away!

We both wish you all great expectations, great research moments and whole lot of genealogy fun in 2011.

YGGG #1 -- Ruby

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