Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January Days

While YGGG #2 (Cheri) has been learning about her iPad, I have been rearranging my genealogy/computer room, putting things in order (at least for a while) and also getting used to very high speed Internet. What a change after years of poking along! The former server wasn't dial up, but somewhat close to it. Now images, such as on Ancestry.com, appear so fast I can hardly blink between the request the result. I hope my brain keeps up with everything.

Winter days are also great for planning genealogical research, outlining what needs to be done. Yes, making those To-Do Lists! It's a good time to clean up genealogy files, especially on the computer. We are planning our annual trip to Salt Lake City in May and June. That means reviewing our genealogy files, determining what research needs to be done and then developing a plan to accomplish that research.

Cold, snowy days are meant for reading or baking chocolate chip cookies. My genealogy magazines pile up so I try to catch up on the reading. I also try to allocate time for scanning documents and photographs.

If you have left messages or queries on places such as Ancestry Message Board or GenForum, winter is a good time to update your information or leave new messages. You can also join mailing lists and explore social networking at places such as Genealogy Wise.

I am working on Civil War lectures which will be presented at a conference in July. The Sesquicentennial of the Civil War begins this year. I am not only working on my lectures, but also weaving information together about ancestors and their lives during the Civil War. The amount of literature available pertaining to the war, both fiction and non-fiction, is phenomenal. There are also many web pages, some old and many new, that are informative. If you love blogs, check out The Civil War Interactive Guide to Civil War Blogs.

Hope you will fill your winter days with productive genealogical research and planning.

You Go Genealogy Girl # 1 --- Ruby


  1. That snowy picture is such a familiar sight....too familiar. I'm ready for spring.

    My genealogy hasn't been touched in so long it's a crying shame.

  2. All that, what you said. It's too cold to go out to stay any length of time.

    Catch up or even get ahead on my blogging too.

  3. Welcome to the fast world. Your photo looks like my neighborhood too. It's nice to see you are doing what I am doing...except for the lecture preparation and annual SLC trip (so I will go along with you in spirit), and cookie making is a good idea.



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