Wednesday, January 5, 2011


As many of you already know, Legacy Family Tree is very good software for keeping track of your precious family files. I use Legacy exclusively and love their product. I’ve tried almost all the genealogy products on the market, mostly because I do a comparison lecture on them but Legacy is definitely my favorite and the one I use full time and you can find a free trial of Legacy here and can use it as long as you wish. The surprise is: did you know that Legacy Family Tree is now offering some really good and informative webinars too?

Legacy very recently in 2010 began to offer several free webinars a month which are hosted by Go To Meeting and the best part is that they are totally FREE! Having attended a few of these now, I have to rate them as an A plus offering. I’ve tried some of the webinars which have been offered by some of the genealogy competitors and find these by Legacy to be among the best and in fact presented in a much better format than some others with bigger names! I have yet to have a failed start up with their programming and never a glitch during the presentations which I have attended. Their classes have been given by a variety of well known genealogists and the best part is that their presenters know how to speak! Today was another very nice instructional class featuring Thomas MacEntee, on “Google for Genealogists”. Thomas is a very knowledgeable presenter and Geoff Rasmussen representing Legacy did the moderation. Most of us read and try to learn new research tips and methods every day and each new piece of knowledge helps us along the road on our family trails. Today's lecture was full of great new tips for using many of Googles’ products that are of benefit to the family genealogist. I for one can’t wait to try out some features of Google Docs which Thomas featured (being a Word person, I never realized some of the great uses and templates within Google Docs). He also highlighted using Google Groups to post queries, I never would have thought of that either!

In short, be sure to check out the classes that are offered by Legacy on their website at Legacy Family Tree. You can sign up on their site to attend the webinar classes in person or you can view them after the presentation on the Legacy website where they are usually listed for viewing for 2-4 weeks after the live presentation. Today they announced that some of the webinars will now become available to purchase on CD for your home use also. The cost is quite reasonable. During the live webinar, guests have the opportunity to ask questions or submit questions live and they have gift drawings after the program for those in attendance. Some of the future classes include two different ones on the use of “New Family Search”; and ”Newspapers, Critical Resource to Complete Your Family Tree”; and Chasing Women-Finding Your Female Ancestors” with Leland Meitzler. The live classes are limited so be sure to check them out and sign up early. Remember they are FREE so there is no excuse for not exercising your brains and learning something new!

You Go Genealogy Girl #2-- Cheri


  1. Thanks Cheri for attending the Google for Genealogists webinar and for your support. I love working with Legacy Family Tree and am actually doing at least 3 more webinars for them in 2011.

  2. I seem to go back and forth between my two hobbies of scrapbooking and genealogy. I did the genealogy stuff first. Funny how much they really do tie together.
    I am giving the Ancestor Approved Awards to both kinds of blogs. I presented it to Cheri at her other blog and it was only fair to offer it to you as well. You guys are great.
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