Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What Is To Become Of Us?

The You Go Genealogy Girls are really in trouble. The research is waiting, the travel destinations are waiting, the reading is waiting and lots more- so much more that I can't even remember what they are any more! That is the troubling problem: remembering. Do you have those "moments" of brain lapse? The girls just have way too many of those these days.

I have lost one of my most important file folders and have been looking for it for 3 months. I am sure someone came in the night and spirited it away. Many hours have been wasted going through files and drawers looking for it. I have scanned copies, but I WANT those originals. My cell phone sprouts legs and just relocates itself, almost daily.Things I put away for safe keeping are never found again. The note I just made seems to fly away and end up in some unlikely place, a place I haven't been for months-I think.....I have to call YGGG#1 and ask the same question again because for some odd reason the first answer has eluded me. She calls me to ask how to work her camera because since she used it last week, she can't remember.

Last week the girls were visiting on the phone while #1 was diligently looking for her walking cane. Traveling all over the house in search of it, clinging to the walls and counters in search, but alas no cane! I suggested she get out the walker, after all it is large enough that it shouldn't get lost. A day later that pesky cane showed up in her sewing closet, surely it was hiding out long enough to get rested up! We girls have a relative and fellow genealogist who lives in Colorado. She wrote to girl one lamenting the fact that she also spent time looking for something that she put down. When it was found and very close, her husband said "it was so close that if it had been a tiger, he would have eaten you"! Leave it up to a hubby to get in the last word. My own Go Hubby suggests that I put a list on my computer room door and write down everything important that I put away, you know, kind of a "map" to it's location. That would possibly work but only if I can remember to write on the list. Oh my, well, you get the point! What is to become of us ?

Are all those ancestor names and dates just clogging up the brain cells? I think I will take leave for a couple days and do some reading, crafting, and maybe even some real cooking. I am, however, just sure that Great Great Grandpa Thomas must be the one who hides all my "stuff".

YGGG#1 has gotten a new knee this week, maybe they gave her a good drug for memory boost too. When she gets home, I will go for a visit to spur her recovery forward. As for me--maybe she can sneak me some memory boost drugs home in her hospital bag. We have our annual two week trip to Salt Lake to the FHL and are attending the Family History Expo in Loveland, Colorado along with several side trips planned to visit cemeteries and research centers. If we can just get all our body parts to work and some good brain food then we will be revitalized and good to go. After all, that IS the You Go Genealogy Girls...go, go, go!

p.s. YGGG#1 did have knee replacement surgery this week, I am requesting an email card shower for her.
I just hope she will remember how to access her email...he,he!


  1. I know those major lapses; have many these days. My worst "lost" item is one of my mother's old photograph albums; I've been looking for it for more than 4 years! I make lists, but it doesn't do any good; I lose them, too.

  2. I needed this laugh, and could relate, being a senior, and almost look like one of the ladies in the photo, with the same memory as them, and poor Greta. Personally, I think, if we didn't have genealogy as our hobby, we would have excellent memories.
    Sent message to Ruby, thanks for letting us know.

  3. My m-in-l is sharp as a pin when remembering genealogy details but is lapsing with regards to other stuff - me I'm foggy. I "lost" my manuscript for a personal history I am writing. It had travelled all the way to Britain and back last summer. Searched all over for it. Where did I find it? In my travel back pack right beside my bed. Aaaaargh.



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