Friday, February 19, 2010

Taking Genealogy to the Hospital

On February 1st, I had knee replacement surgery. Finally! I am sure that by spring I'll be out chasing ancestors once again.

The surgery went well, except for my allergies to pain killing meds. It was quickly decided that I would just take a combination of tylenol and bite the bullet. The second day I asked for my old knee back and was told that it had been cremated. Maybe they thought I was going to bury it and place a marker on the grave!

The following three days were filled with physical therapy which I thought was grueling, but knew it was necessary. When I wasn't exercising or biting the bullet, I was using my iPod Touch in my hospital bed ... looking at genealogy files. Unfortunately the hospital does not have WIFI. Feeling rather punk one night, I received a phone call from Girl #2. At the end of our conversation she said, "I love you #1." I replied "I love you #2." Strange! Sister-in-laws who are so opposite and yet are joined at the hip in our love of genealogy.

Now it has been almost three weeks since my surgery. I am walking off and on without a cane and realizing it is a good thing they cremated my knee. This one is strong and I know it will take me to cemeteries, courthouses and libraries.

In the meantime I am navigating between my laptop computer in the living room by my recliner and the main computer in my genealogy room. It is a stand-off at times with the main computer as my granddaughter is often using it. The iPod Touch is still wonderful for the e-mails and browsing my genealogy files. At night when I am biting that bullet, it is great for soothing me with good music.

I have filled my time locating information on Internet, particularly digital images. What fun to settle back, watch it snow (yes, again!) and find genealogy information at my finger tips. That's when I stretch the knee and pretend I'm getting ready to visit a cemetery. Spring will eventually come and spring will be back in my step.

As you can see, genealogy goes with me anywhere, even to the hospital. I am never without it. Now I'm anxious for better weather, better walking so #2 and I can be back together to enjoy our companionship and love of genealogy.


  1. Yep, it's been a long cold nasty winter! What would we do without our daily phone and computer collaborations? I am so glad that I have my genealogy girl #1 (Granny) for my buddy and my beloved sister-in-law. We missed a lot of years of fun so let's get going again....we gotta go girls!

  2. I wish you smooth sailing to a fast recovery and know the new knee will serve you well in your genealogy quests.



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