Sunday, June 14, 2009

A FUNNY THOUGHT!--and some more Shameless Advertising

Well, this one's been building up for quite some time. A post today by YGGG #1 on her blog, Genealogy Lines, my reply to her, and her follow up back to me- has brought this to a head, finally!

You must check out her latest blog here, it is excellent and informative. But back to the point of this posting....

I sent her a message that I really liked her blog, thought she did such good research and I am jealous. Her reply to me was "Guess it comes natural...the research. Like pe_ing so much!"

You see, these two Grannies have spent many hours on our famous research jaunts just looking for nice "restroom" stops, planning our searching missions around available facilities, having to take precious time off from more important discoveries, and yes, speeding up a little faster just to make the next stop. YGGG #1's Li'l Red car can really fly when necessary! We eat too many jellybeans and drink too much pop and water which all contribute to our troubles. Then we get a sugar high and start laughing over the silliest of things...and then you know what that leads to with 2 silly old Grannies. She (YGGG#1 makes fun of me for packing extra clothes), but she who laughs loudest --, well you get the point!

May we always have "dry" matches..........or whatever!

Visit us often here (hopefully) or on one of our other blogs: Nebraska Roots and Ramblings, Growing Up Genealogy, Those Old Memories, and Genealogy Lines. They are all great in their own special ways. Besides, you may need new reading after today because WE may not speaking anymore and The You Go Genealogy Girls may be no more!!!

You Go Genealogy girl #2, Why am I always #2?

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  1. Now you've gone and done it!! Yes, we do make a lot of stops we would not have made when we were younger. And now the world knows what happens when I giggle. Oh well, it was only a matter of time. We are still together ... simply because I know that you need me as much as I need you!!! Girl #1



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