Monday, October 17, 2011

YGGG #1 is in Salt Lake City

A view from my room.
That's right folks!!  I flew into Salt Lake City yesterday from Nebraska, arriving about 12:46 Mountain time.  After walking about five plus miles in the Denver airport to reach my gate, I didn't mind being squeezed into my United flight for at least ten minutes of the flight.

Where are the flowers I saw here in June?
While YGGG #2 is home still harvesting the garden, I am going to enjoy a week here in the Family History Library.  The Plaza Hotel shuttle was full coming in from the airport yesterday afternoon.  Everybody was a buzz introducing themselves.  They were like bees buzzing with words such as census, tombstones and ancestors.  Well, what did I expect when I boarded the Plaza shuttle?

Once settled in my room, I took a walk around Temple Square.  It was late afternoon and the colors of trees were magnificent.  My walk was refreshing after being cooped up on planes for half a day.  Oh well, I might as well admit it.  I am so used to driving here so YGGG #2 and I can bring everything but the kitchen sink.  My luggage was overweight.  I had to unzip it and put shoes and other items into my carry-on bag.  What does it matter if it's in one suitcase or another?  It all gets on the plane.  The only thing I kept hearing from the boarding attendant was that I was going to pay $100 if I didn't do something.  That was one way!!

Where do I start.  My main purpose in coming here is to finish research on a book that I am writing.  I also hope to have a couple days this week for personal research that did not get finished in May/June when I was here.

You Go Genealogy Girl #1 .... Ruby


  1. Have a great time! How could you not after all it IS the Family History Library!

  2. What Michelle said! LOL Wish I was there with you, what a great place!

  3. Hope you accomplish everything you need to get done. Guess you won't squeeze in time for shopping if your luggage is already over weight. :)

  4. Garden produce, MORE stewed tomatoes to do now, more filing and scanning, a few more family issues to get through but I am making progress! Have a great trip (I know you will) I'm feeling left behind this trip :(



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