Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Four "Belles" of Salt Lake City!

GeneaBloggers: Cheri Hopkins, Ruby Coleman, Carol Stevens and Becky Wiseman
Today was day four of our trip to the Family History Library in Salt Lake and to our surprise we met two other gals in the library today who are also bloggers,"GeneaBloggers", to be exact! Becky Wiseman of Kinexxions and Carol Stevens of  Reflections From The Fence. The four of us took a short break to visit and compare finds and funny stories, it was fun to meet new friends who immediately seemed like "old friends". Carol and Becky were really nice and another researcher kindly took our photos for posterity. Surely everyone in the library must have thought we were all very special as we posed for the cameras. You never know who you might meet here, yesterday we ran into Michael John Neill of and today we made new genealogy friends.....this has been a good week so far! Who will we meet tomorrow?

The girls had a nice lunch out on the town and both did well with locating many great family records today, the sun even came out for awhile so we are making progress. We are still looking for warm weather here though, glad I brought along my Nebraska cold weather clothes. Even many of the flowers are late here in Salt Lake City this year but those that are out are bright and colorful as usual.

Enjoy one pretty picture of the beautiful white iris here and especially the one of the four gorgeous genealogy "Belles" above!

You Go Genealogy Girl #2, Cheri

white iris in Salt Lake City


  1. It was certainly fun meeting you two. We need to do lunch before we all leave SLC, we have so many stories to tell!

  2. Yeah, what Carol said. LOL.

  3. After hearing about all the fantastic genealogy conferences this year, and other people's genealogy road trips, this one is my FAVORITE for the year. Salt Lake City AND a mini summit of great geneabloggers is priceless!

  4. It's fun reading about your great trip and meeting up with other bloggers. I just met one the other day, so I know the feeling. Enjoy your trip, research and new friends.



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