Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday Update: Genealogy, Bulls... and Bad Dogs

Garden flowers....

and pretty pansies!
Today was the first day since we arrived that we saw the sun so we took a break from the research isles and walked around the temple grounds. The flowers, many of which are newly planted are maturing by the day and very beautiful. We are sharing several more photos with our friends and hope you enjoy the sights.

In other exciting news of the day:

1) We had a very nice lunch at the Lion House Pantry Restaurant which was very enjoyable and toured the building which was finished in 1856 as a residence of Brigham Young. It had beautiful original windows and rock walls with some historic items displayed within such as quilts and glassware. The meal was great too.

2) Touring the temple grounds we ended up among at least four brides and their parties who were all taking pictures today as part of their wedding day festivities. We were slightly under dressed for the happy occasions but they did not seem to notice the Genealogy Girls anyway! You will notice one of the pretty brides in a photo here in the blog.

3) As we returned to the library for more arduous work, Ruby got a call that her granddaughter was going to take part in a bull riding contest for young ladies in North Platte so we waited for news of that venture as her granddaughter was excited to let Grandma know all about it. She had fun, stayed on for a short ride and did not end up in the ER... so the bull ride was successful and Grandma finally quit worrying.

4) Go Hubby called to tell me that my loving and gorgeous border collie who is staying home with her "sister" had been a BAD DOG while he was out of town working for two days. Our Babe ate part of the sofa and part of Hubby's chair. Guess she is tired of being alone for almost a week and there is one more week to go. BAD DOG!!!  The price I pay for a trip to Salt Lake.

Temple Gardens

Brigham Young's Home ( Lion House Restaurant)

A bride among the flowers!
5) Last evening we were serenaded by a bagpiper down on the street below our hotel for a couple hours. He was quite good and it was fun to hear the "pipes" in the evening and view the mountains at dusk from our window.

6)  We both managed to find some good information today to add to our growing pile of ancestor research papers that will add to many more weeks of work once we get home. The days are long but with short walks, we get re-invigorated and go back for more! Sunday will be a day of rest and hopefully sleeping in a bit, and then off to scout out the local cemeteries.

Enjoy a few pics from today's walk, hopefully we will have some great cemetery photos to share after tomorrow.

Cheri and Ruby, The You Go Genealogy Girls


  1. Love your flower pictures. I've gone to SLC 4 times in Oct., and don't get to see plants like yours, so thanks for posting. And, oh all the brides, what must be seeing a lot of them.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing the beautiful pictures..and the stories - bull riding, oh my! Some day I'll get to SLC, but for now I am enjoying it vicariously :-) Thanks!



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