Monday, August 10, 2009

Have Bike, Will Travel !

The long blacktop road rolled through the beautiful Wildcat Hills of Western Nebraska, leading "Biker Grannie" (AKA You Go Girl #2) and "Go Hubby" to the peaceful Hillcrest cemetery in Lagrange, Goshen Co., Wyoming.

When new information comes to light, it usually signals the plans for a research trip by the two You Go Genealogy Girls. As you know we usually travel via Li'l Red to the next site at hand. This day was unusual, however, as" You Go Genealogy Girl #2" was on a day trip with "Go Hubby". Camera in hand, we were headed by motorcycle to investigate the Hillcrest cemetery in Lagrange. YGGG#1 is temporarily out of commission awaiting some knee surgery so Girl#2 managed to talk Hubby into being chauffeur for the day. After all, these are all "his" relatives so it is only fair that he is put to work occasionally. He usually just stays home , working hard at his job so that the two You Go Girls can go play.

Last week it came to light that we had several relatives in the Hillcrest Cemetery at Lagrange, Wyoming. I could hardly wait to get over there to investigate. We have passed this small cemetery many times as we have been on our way to Cheyenne, Wyoming. I have always admired the pretty whitewashed wood fence that adorns the main entry by the highway. My husband and I have remarked often that we should take time to at least drive through as the cemetery has seemed to have had a strange pull on us. It seems that we have always been in a hurry, coming and going. In May The Go Girls even whizzed on by in a rush to get to Salt Lake City, again remarking that it would be a place that we should stop and visit.

To my wonder, we found that several of our Troyer and McComsey relatives were buried there when we recently acquired some information from newly found relatives. Willis Troyer, who was my husband's great-great uncle is one of those that we found there along with his wife, Ida and many of his extended family. Willis was the brother of my husband's great-great Grandmother "Lizzie" Troyer Smith. He was an early settler, blacksmith, and cowboy around Lagrange and the Goshen Hole area of Wyoming. You can read my story of this early settler, Willis Troyer, on my personal blog, THOSE OLD MEMORIES, " Willis Troyer, Cowboy and early Settler"

The Hillcrest cemetery is a gorgeous, peaceful little cemetery. It has a low canopy of cedars and pine trees which were planted many years ago and lovingly reared and cared for which shades the many grave sites within. Two long, pew style benches adorn a central area and provide a place for reflection, prayer and quiet thoughts. The picture above, although not one of our relatives, shows the serene atmosphere of peace in this little community cemetery.

I know that You Go Genealogy Girl #1 must really be jealous that this trip was made without her. She would have loved it, but alas, a "Biker Babe"--oops, "Biker Grannie", she ain't! Do not fear...the You Go Genealogy Girls will definitely be back on the road together real soon, heading to another great research destination........perhaps we will even visit Willis Troyer again!

You Go Genealogy Girl #2 -Cheri AKA "Biker Grannie"


  1. Yes, I'm jealous. Move over "Go Hubby" ... I hope to make my debut without cane in September. You will be replaced and the bike will be replaced by Lil' Red. .... You Go Genealogy Girl #1, Ruby

  2. I pass this cemetery often. It is a very cared for and peaceful place. It makes it more personal to know someone there. I'll wave or even deliver a flower from now on. Thanks "Biker Babe"
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