Thursday, August 20, 2009

Genealogy With Food

Last night my local genealogy society members met for their summer potluck.  You Go Girl #2 missed a good one.  There were about 30 people in attendance.  We had to set up more tables and chairs, plus another table to hold the food.  There's no doubt about it ... genealogists love to look for ancestors, share ideas and EAT.  They are also good cooks. 

I had to hurry home and call You Go Girl #2 to share my excitement.  This was a good kick-off for our fall meeting schedule which begins September 19th. They asked questions about my summer events and what You Go Girl #2 and I have been doing.  I briefly told them about our trip to Salt Lake City and the fact #2 took too much baggage.  Then came the exciting news about the Family History Expo we attended in Sheridan, WY in July.  I encouraged them to attend a Family History Expo in 2010.  

They asked why we always take jelly beans on our trips.  This all started on a trip to eastern Nebraska and Kansas.  We were about an hour from our destination of Lincoln, Nebraska when #2 pulled out a bag of gourmet jelly beans.  Yummy!  She broke into that bag and it was let the jelly beans roll time.  We were so high on sugar by the time we reached Lincoln that we were goofy grannies.  Have you ever seen goofy grannies giggling and acting like teenagers?  From there on out, we never travel without our jelly beans.  Except we do try to keep our intake in moderation.  

You Go Genealogy Girl #2 explains it like this.  I think you'll enjoy knowing exactly why we like jelly beans and share them with others. 

"Jelly beans are like our family members.  Some are sweet and some are more sour.  Some of our 'beans' may be white and some may be black, some may have freckles while others may not. Each precious one is an unexpected individual and we love each one for who and what they are. When they are all together, they can become quite a mixed bag!  Whether during sad times or happy times, all those gorgeous 'beans' make these genealogist Grannies very happy indeed. They are the fuel of life ... maybe the sugar of life."  

And now you know the whole story.  When you eat a jelly bean, think of your ancestors and think about us ... The You Go Genealogy Girls. 

You Go Girl #1 -- Ruby 

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