Friday, June 1, 2012

Day One - Colorado Family History Expo

After my experience last year going to the Family History Expo when I got lost trying to get to Loveland, Colorado, I decided to use a GPS this year.  I sailed (drove) successfully through the plains of western Colorado to Limon.  Finally only a little over an hour from my destination I trusted the GPS to guide me straight way to the doors of the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

I saw the mountains, I saw the city of Colorado Spring and suddenly the female voice on my GPS instructed me to turn right to my destination.  Sure enough ... the doors of a JP Penney store in a shopping mall.  I reprogramed the GPS and once again was back on course.  Turn left and then immediatey turn right into the back doors of Walmart.  Third time is a charm isn't it?  I reprogramed the GPS and took off driving first right and then left, into a residential area, back out again with instructions and into a warehouse area.

The GPS was turned off and once again I was driving by "the seat of my pants."  I knew my directions and I knew the Crowne Plaza Hotel was located near I-25.  There it was just down the street and the GPS lady was tucked away quietly awaiting the next customer who wanted to possibly end up in the warehouse district of Colorado Springs.

After lunch the Expo begins with the opening address and then the fun begins.  The work begins ahead of time with a lot of hellos to vendors and trying to set up registration.  I have already met two genealogists from Denver.  We had dinner together last night and enjoyed laughs and stories about our research experiences.  My first lecture is at 7:50 tonight.  I don't need the GPS for this.

You Go Genealogy Girl #2 and I were together decorating graves last weekend.  As we approached our grandparent's stone, #2 stopped immediately in front of me and said OH.  I would have screamed.  There was a rattle snake curled up in front of the stone.  Yes, I screamed  which scared him back into his hole.  We wanted to get yellow police tape to put around the area, but instead the city put poison down the holes, which didn't do any good.  The snake lives to scare the next visitor.  And just for the record ... it was NOT a bull snake.

YGGG #2 is at home enjoying her twin granddaughters.  She awaits my full reports of the Family History Expo.  I am sure she'll be envious.

You Go Genealogy Girl #1 --- Ruby

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