Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Begins

Even though the You Go Genealogy Girls were not together to ring in the new year, we were together on the phone, by e-mails and in our thoughts.  As we begin this new year, we wish all of our readers the best in the months ahead.  We also think about what we are going to be doing in 2012.

As of today, I think YGGG #2 is installing a new computer.  The old one is being moved to a different location.  I have not received any phone calls or e-mails, but look forward to her telling me all is okay and the new computer works great.

Since I received an iPad for Christmas, we have been comparing our settings, how to do things and what they can be used for in genealogical research.  Mine is the iPad 2 so a bit different, and lighter, but an iPad is still an iPad.  For my databases, I have installed Bento which works on my main computer and syncs to the iPad.  Of course, my Reunion genealogy files are on the iPad and they are much better for viewing than on the iPod Touch.  Using iCloud I have a lot of syncing going on between computers.  I have placed my Keynote presentations on the iPad (some) and can remotely control them by using my iPod Touch.

I am waiting on a new carrying case for the iPad and friends (cords, iPod Touch, cell phone ...).  It should arrive this week and hopefully I can stuff everything into it.  I don't have issues with the keyboard on my iPad, but I do have a wireless keyboard that works great with it.

Another Christmas present was a Smart Pen (LifeScribe).  It seems unusual to write something or take notes with audio through the pen and then have it show up on my computer.  I am anxious to try it out while watching webinars.  What a great way to learn!!

Just in time to start a new year, I discovered the reason I was going no where in particular with one of my Massachusetts lines was because I had the wrong surname.  Only the first letter of "B" was the same.  Broadening my research in the area, I was able to locate the correct sources and information to give Elizabeth the correct name.  Sorry about that Elizabeth!  Now the fun begins as I start reading and researching new surnames.

The You Go Genealogy Girls wish you the very best in 2012.  May our paths cross somewhere in the future and if not ... keep reading about us and sending us e-mails.

You Go Genealogy Girl #1 --- Ruby


  1. Ruby, I also received an iPad (and keyboard) for Christmas. However, I tried to sync Reunion from my laptop to the iPad, and while it acted like it was working, it never really made any progress. Do you think my main family file might be too big? And, oh yes, Happy New Year!

  2. Hi Greta ... no I don't think the main family file is too big. You need to have the family file open, pull down from the menu under File to put it on the mobile devise. Then open your iPad Reunion file to Sync and just push that. It should start syncing. If your file is large, it may take a while. Just be patient. I have some really big family files and have never had problems putting them on the iPod Touch or iPad. Some take several minutes though. Good luck.



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