Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What To Do ... a test of organizational skills

The mess begins here!
This is not a "what to do" day.  It's an "I need motivation day."  Actually I'm not lacking for motivation, but after traveling all summer, it seems strange to be home with nothing on the agenda for a few weeks.  I returned Sunday from another jaunt here in Nebraska.  Looking at my luggage, I don't want to think about traveling any too soon.  I can pack it with my eyes closed ... well almost.  Since early May my various pieces of luggage have been kept in waiting in the extra bedroom.  It has been a fun-filled summer of lecturing, book signings and travels.

YGGG #2 just returned from her vacation in the Wyoming mountains.  She was there without cell phone reception and obviously no Internet.  Locked out from the real world, I hope she got caught up on her genealogy reading.  While I was wrestling luggage in and out of hotels and going through the packing and unpacking routine, she was peacefully watching the sun go down over the mountains and then counting stars in the sky.

To make the best of today, my granddaughter will be here this afternoon after an early-out at school.  She will be helping with chores around the house, like those little things I have not done all summer.  Also on the list is my computer/genealogy room.  It has been organizationally neglected all summer.  Books are askew on the shelves, the closet is piled with carrying bags and supplies.  It's like open door and throw something in.  I am behind on reading genealogy periodicals.  Eventually I may get caught up, but in the meantime I need some order.  They seem to be here, there and beyond, such as in the living room, dining room and kitchen.  Some were packed in my luggage and never made it back to the genealogy/computer room.

This brings up the question as to how to keep track of my genealogy periodicals.  I cannot part with them because I continually browse through them looking for ideas and references.  Perhaps I should start by determining the spaces available in this room.  There aren't any.  I have filled up almost every corner and cranny.  Isn't that the life of a genealogist?  We are hoarders.  Not only do we collect ancestors (not just names, dates and places), but we collect everything that goes with collecting ancestors.  I can't resist books, I can't eliminate any of the my genealogy subscriptions and periodicals, and I can't find room for any more. Because I know there are organizational aids, such as storage boxes, bins and containers, maybe I should start by visiting my local office supply store.  I definitely need a plan.

The last two days have been spent non-stop writing on my latest book.  That means there are books and documents and papers piled all around the desk, on the floor and elsewhere.  I think I am about two-thirds done and then I change something and I am back to half done.  I need to stay home and finish it before the snow flies.  Of course, I'm still thinking about genealogy-day-trips when the weather cools.  I need to explore cemeteries, go to libraries and courthouses and collect more "stuff" for my genealogy/computer room.  Maybe I shouldn't put the luggage back in the closet.

Today is the day I am going to make organizational plans for my genealogy/computer room.  It's the day I will not think of traveling and packing luggage.  It is the day I'll will put my genealogy life in order ... I hope.  While I'm doing this, YGGG #2 is putting things away, doing mounds of laundry and avoiding genealogy, the computer and Internet.  She knows what awaits her ... hundreds of e-mails.  The genealogy world can change in one week.  Maybe that is why I am so unorganized.  At least I can blame it on a changing genealogy world!

You Go Genealogy Girl #1    Ruby


  1. Good luck, I will be watching for a follow up article. And, your desk looks neat, you should see mine. But, NO, I am not going to show you. NO WAY!! Shudder, shudder! I wrote a blog post the other day, and it lead to a scanning frenzy, almost half done, but, that sits here too, waiting again, cause now I have to go run errands.

    NOT BORED, I keep saying I am NOT BORED!!

    Me thinks you really should NOT put away the suitcases! LOL

  2. I know the feeling! Since it's supposed to be raining this weekend in Metro DC, I'm going to use the indoor time to gather all "genie stuff" together and evaluate an attack plan. Good luck to you too!!

  3. What is your new book about, Ruby?

  4. Wow, Ruby, you have caught what I've got - it must be going around. I think the idea of going to an office supply store is a good one - having the right containers is a big help. Good luck!

  5. I suffer from a severe case of FSS (Flat Surface Syndrome). If it's flat, it must be waiting for my papers, books, magazines, etc. No surface is safe. I think The Container Store is missing out on a captive audience. They should have a tab for genealogists showing all the wonderful things we could buy to round up our paperwork.

  6. I've been thinking about my genealogy periodicals as well. Perhaps we should set a time limit for how many back issues we keep. Also, I believe that Dick Eastman mentioned a company, who will scan them for you. Think I will look into it.

    PS I LOVE the name of your blog! Totally awesome!



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