Thursday, December 2, 2010

All We Want For Christmas ...

Dear Santa,

This is what the You Go Genealogy Girls want for Christmas. We hope you will visit us on Christmas Eve. Please ... no coal in our stockings! We will put out cookies and milk.

YGGG #1 - Ruby wants:
1. Ink, ink, ink and more ink for the printer ... always out.
2. Paper for the printer.
3. Days of non-stop genealogy planning and research.
4. Time to read all the genealogy periodicals that are piling up.
5. Success in Salt Lake City in the Family History Library in May and June.
6. An iPad would be nice.

YGGG #2 - Cheri wants:
1. An iPad.
2. More hours in the day. Make those uninterrupted hours!
3. Time for organization and planning.
4. A large printer to work on oversized old photographs.
5. Success in Salt Lake City at the Family History Library in May.
6. New genealogy books.

We both look forward to a new year and new challenges in our genealogical research. Life will be interesting for both of us as we from month to month in 2011. In January, YGGG #1 (Ruby) will add a new bud to the family tree. She will become a great grandmother to a baby boy. The girls are planning a trip to Salt Lake City the end of May into June. Our annual trek always promises great experiences and new "finds." The Family History Expo in Loveland, Colorado will round out June for us. In September we plan to attend the FGS Conference in Springfield, Illinois. Before we know, our wish list for Santa will be on our minds again.

As we wrap gifts, bake goodies and decorate the tree, we are thinking about our ancestors. They are on a tree that in places remains undecorated ... lacking full names, dates and places of events. It is somewhat bare, but we hope to decorate it in 2011.

Best wishes to all this December,

YGGG #1 --- Ruby


  1. I'll ditto more uninterrupted hours in the day!

  2. Re your lists: Ditto, ditto, and ditto! Especially more hours in the day. Ruby, your printer sounds like mine - always out of ink.

  3. Good to see your Christmas wishes.

    Here's what I'd like:



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