Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weekly Genealogy Activities

It was Murphy's Law at the Family History Center Wednesday afternoon. The first reel of film had plenty of those "other people" in the proper time frame, just none of mine. Back to the drawing board to rethink what I need to do. The second reel of film had the will I needed. Plunked it on the reader-printer and the machine wouldn't work. I will have to find another copier or do it the old-fashioned way by hand. Grrr!

It was Murphy's Law Friday when I went to make copies and my printer produced the message "Ink System Failure." How dare it do that! I have tried everything in the manual and online troubleshooting but nothing works. Tomorrow will be devoted to trying to get assistance by telephone. Once I get through all the routine messages of push this for that and do I want it in English, I may get to the root of the problem.

Do you use Skype? Late yesterday afternoon my computer produced strange sounds from my Skype account. Sure enough, it was my nephew calling from their camp site. I got to see YGGG #2 and Go Hubby and their gang and visit with them. Looked like they were having fun. One of the twins and the five year old were hogging the web cam ... so cute. They related all their boating experiences. I would say that's Makin' Memories. When you can't be there, Skype's the way to go!

We can look forward to a hot week here in mid-Nebraska. It will be a great time to stay put at the computer, work on genealogy and hope nothing breaks down. Wherever you are ... have a genealogy fun week and a great day all day today!

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