Thursday, September 3, 2009

This and That and Not Much Else

What do you do with a painful knee and limited patience? I'm suppose to rest, but I didn't hear that ... maybe it was a whisper in my ear. While I am progressing each day after my surgery, it is slower than I anticipated. After all, I consider myself a SuperWoman, or is that SuperGenealogist?

For almost a week I have hobbled around with and without the walker, going from my recliner, laptop and TV to the computer/genealogy room. I have now achieved the ability of taking my walker outside to the mail box. This morning I decided to wheel two houses to the west, turn around in their drive way and wheel back home. Before I got back to my house, a nurse at the rest home complex across the street, was watching me. I suspect she thought I had escaped.

I am anxious to return the walker to my genealogy friends who generously loaned it to me. My granddaughter's 11th birthday party is tomorrow evening at the bowling alley. She wants me to come, but not with the walker. That makes me feel good as she doesn't want her friends to think her granny has suddenly gotten old and decrepit. The walker can be useful, though. It's great for transporting items from room to room, such as my bagel and tea in the morning and books and magazines when I change locations.

On the plus side, I have read through numerous genealogy periodicals that have piled up. I bet I'm not the only one who accumulates them in stacks. I have been reading messages and leaving messages on GenealogyWise. The FGS Conference blog is keeping me entertained and green with envy that I'm not at the conference in Little Rock, Arkansas. I am also dreaming of the day when I can walk around the block and also go to cemeteries. All in time! It's been a long summer!

You Go Girl #1 ... Ruby

P.S. You Go Girl #2's hubby, "Go Hubby," called me yesterday. They are still in the mountain wilderness in Wyoming. He drove to where he could get a cell signal to make sure I am okay. Isn't that special of him? He said #2 was alone in camp with the dog and her genealogy. So far they haven't turned into bear bait!


  1. Here's hoping for a quick recovery with that knee. I loved the image of you as an escapee....

  2. YGG number 2 was well armed when YGG Hubby went to town to call and check on YGG number 1's health. YGG number 2 had a 38, 40 S&W, 44 mag and a Remington police shotgun loaded with 00 buckshot and slugs. By the way YGG number 2 is well trained in self defence and the use of firearms. Pray for the bear. Signed YGG No. 2 Hubby.

  3. And I faint at the sight of a snake in a cemetery!!!
    YGG #1



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